Preschool/Sp.Ed. teacher

by Sara Kreutz
(Holstein, Iowa)

Don't know if you have these listed on your site or not I did a quick check and didn't see these listed but I may have missed them. You have good ideas - I like the wiggle eyes in the theraputy

Two favorite activities my O.T. shared with me. Take an old tennis ball and slit it on one in put an L slit on the other end.
Give the child pennies to put inside the ball by squeezing the slit open with one hand and inserting the pennies with the other. The L slit is so you can pull it open and get the pennies out easier.

Buy those old wooden flat holiday shapes that people used to hang on wreaths and change for the different holidays. Then screw in small fish eye screws all the way around the shape and attach a piece of Rex lace on to one eye. Children lace all around the shape through the screw eyes. A different way to practice lacing and it is 3-D. You can rotate these in and out of your lacing box per holiday or season. You can sometimes find those wooden shapes at a thrift/second hand shops or Goodwill stores really cheep. They are attractive and draw the kids into lacing better than the flat lacing cards.

Sara K.

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