Private Schools Addressing SPD ?

Our school has failed to provide the services agreed to in my son's IEP for four years now. We live in a rual area and the are just no services availiable. We are desperate to get him in a school that "gets it" that has OT services, small class sizes and can provide sensory input during the day. We are prepared to relocate to help him but we are having a very hard time finding a school. Do you know of any schools addressing SPD ?

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At this moment there are not YET specific schools that are specifically dedicated to addressing SPD issues only. However, there are laws that make this a necessary part of one's education and OT services within the school system and many, many do (and HAVE to in some cases) address these issues. You may need to relocate to another school that has a better special education or OT department... so, I am glad you may be willing to relocate. However, there ARE things that can be done within the present school system before you have to do that (unless you are just too tired of fighting). The special education laws will back you up on this one. If he has an IEP, they MUST follow it!! If they don't... there could be trouble.

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Refer to Wrightslaw regarding them not providing IEP services!! They CAN'T do this, legally! - your source for special education and advocacy laws.

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I don't specifically remember (shoot, nor can I find) the specifics about this school, but I do know Kathleen Morris of SI Focus Magazine wrote about a school that was opening (or is opened?) to address SI/SPD issues. You may want to contact her for more information via her website ( Here's The Issue That Talked About This: The Whole Learning School: An Evolving Model for Kids with Sensory Problems by Trude Turnquist, PhD, OTR/L. (S.I. Focus Magazine Back Issue - Spring 2005)... that issue is listed about 1/2 way down the page

Future / Forward Thinking about upcoming schools? Vision For Effective Therapeutic Programing For Children With Autism.

Also, one more thing... make sure your son is additionally receiving OT services privately to address his issues. This is ALWAYS a good idea if you want to see progress. The school is only obligated to address those issues that significantly impact his education. And, in most cases, additionally OT will be needed to truly change underlying sensory processing issues, from a whole body approach.

I do hope this information helps. You know, as I do, SOMETHING needs to be done for sure! I would also consider finding an advocate that can help you negotiate with the school system, ok? Good luck and let us know what happens.

Anyone else have any ideas/input? I know this mom is NOT alone!! Many of you have been through this. Perhaps you can share YOUR story or things that helped YOU?

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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