Problems with friend


My 7 year old has SPD, among other diagnosis. We recently moved into a new home and she became fast friends with the little girl next door.

At first all was great then it became a problem. She always came home in tears. Her friend is sweet but is very hyper and loud and bossy (which is a problem for my child with OCD). She got to the point where she doesn't want to play anymore.

The friends mom got upset with me because my daughter never wants to play when hers does. I explained my child's issues from day one so she would be aware, but it must not register. I have told her she goes through phases where she may completely withdraw, which I am sure is probably hard for her child to understand. The friend likes to run and yell and is pretty hyper and while my daughter likes to be loud sometimes a lot of times she prefers quiet play and her friend is not open to sitting quietly and playing and when my daughter tries to suggest an activity for play her friend doesn't agree.

My mom (and others) feel it is necessary for her to have friends, but I am not sure I should push her. I have always been very shy and withdrawn. I was socialized and a small group of friends but I still prefer being alone and having quiet time. I am mot sure what I am needing. I think just some support knowing there are others that know what I am going through and maybe how some of you my have handled a similar situation.

Fyi, she is in OT and swimming and riding therapy. I am thinking maybes girl scouts or martial arts as he OT has recommended.

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