Professional help needed

by abby
(burlington iowa)

List of things I have texture issues with: (i.e. makes me cringe or gag at the touch/feel)

-Suede and fake suede
-rigged cement
-spackled walls
-anything "holographic"
-calloused skin
-facial hair
-saliva of any kind
-my textured phone case
Other sensory related issues that give me the same cringe/ and or gag effect:
-breathing the same air as someone (like while kissing or being close)
-someone breathing down my neck or ear or back
-hearing someone chewing/ swallowing/ eating/ slurping
-Loud breathing
-feeling of wetness between my toes
-nails on a chalk board
-sound of electronics "white noise" makes my ears ring and makes me feel physically sick..

Also as a child I had poor social skills, over controlling behaviors, mood swings and a rigid schedule. after reading this article I think I have finally found some answers..

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? am I crazy!? , please any suggestions would be helpful!! also who do u talk to about this stuff?

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