Professor, Child Development

by carole

Every morning, while dressing, my daughter (40 years ago) would balk at putting on socks and shoes, regardless of the style or cut of the shoe or sock. Believe me, we tried all styles! Her father would put on upbeat music, challenge her to-race-to-dress competitions and try out his latest idea for distracting her while lacing her shoes tightly. Once shoes were on, she dissolved into a pile of fits and tears. Sadly, we did not know what she was feeling. We just thought she was strong willed and uncooperative and when she grew up, her morning tantrum stories became a part of our family lore.

Her second daughter also balked at dressing...same morning fits! Clothing was too "moooovie" and collars and seams tortured her. Luckily we were able to be more supportive and helpful due to access to more information about this developmental difference.
Now, we know to be alert to this issue in our family. cw

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