Proprioception Difficulties for over 50 years - Motion Sickness, Feeling like Falling Over

by Cathy
(Upstate NY)

I am 55 years old and have been having great difficulty with bouts of motion sickness and feeling that I am falling over or feeling like I am spinning when I am sitting perfectly still!! I have been to numerous neurologists, OTs, balance specialists, etc., and no one has ever made the suggestion that I may have SPD. Even though SPD can cover myriad conditions, it does at least put a name to something that cannot fit neatly into a medical diagnosis.

I have looked throughout your site but I do not see anything specific to treating or discussing adult SPD dealing with balance disorders. You describe it very well in the section on Proprioceptive Disorders paper where you describe what it is like. One comment about being startled or bothered when someone bumps into the chair you are sitting in is something I have never seen mentioned before! It is like you interviewed me personally and asked what bothers me! So, apparently you are aware of such behavior and I would desperately like to get going in the right direction to deal with this.

As I mentioned, I have been to many therapists and have been given many exercises to try but none have been successful for any length of time. If you had some resources (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) that I could purchase or find to see if I can get myself back on the right track, I would be most appreciative. Or perhaps a list if OTs that are familiar with this type of therapy. I live in the Albany, NY area.

God Bless you and this site! I am hoping that I have finally found a starting off point to get my life back on track after so many years!

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