Proprioceptive dysfunction

by Sherralyn
(South Africa)

My little girl is 4 and 1/2 now. I discovered she was different from the age of an infant but was not sure what it was. She was sensitive to loud noise even to such an extend from snizzing, coughing and laughter. She had trouble sitting upright and would slouch. Did not grasp objects and put anything to her mouth even when teething. She did not hold on two you when she was carried. she would slouch back. She could not get up to walk as her whole balance was off. We had to move houses where it was level and had no stairs. Once we did this she had the confidence to stand up but however she would take a few steps and fall down.

At 18 months we had to send her to preshcool / day care. It was here that my suspicions where confirmed. She could not be put up on her back on the changing table as she would scream. She could not go up or down a stairs even only the height of 2cm. She could not use her fingers. Could not cope with the children coming near her and the noise. She could not swing her leg over to ride push bikes and when she would try walk a bit faster she would just constantly fall over. Was covered in roasties. Could not go down the slide or climb up onto a jungle gym.

In the December 2013 I was beside myself and took her to a neurologist/physiotherapist. She conclude that my little girl has proprioceptive dysfunction. She recommended an Occupational therapist which I managed to see that December 2013 and gave me two simple activities to do with my girl for two weeks and she stop falling when walking. We sent her for OT for 1 day a week for 7 months. What a different it makes. I now do home OT until she is 5 years in April 2016. Then we are back to OT again. Its a long road of dedication to year child as she needs the exercises everyday to progress.

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