Protective mommy

by michelle

Lets start off like this.I am a mother of two boys one planned but the second snuck in inspite the fact that i was fixed. His name is Traven ;)

When he was born he came into this world c-section way. He was 5 weeks early but needed no treatment from nick u. When we brought him home he would not sleep through the night, no big deal I thought this was just a baby thing. Well a couple months went by and my other son then 2 came in our room and asked the baby to be quiet he needed sleep (something we really have not had since he has been born)we tried car rides rocking nothing seemed to work unless he was on mom.

He didn't walk until he was about 17 or 18 months. We asked his doctor and she said he was an early baby but he would catch up. Then he started to lose weight. The doctor said I was starving him,which hurt my feelings and angered me at the same time. I was at a loss,he would only say ma ma or da da no matter what we tried we couldn't get him to talk.

He fell from a stroller right before his 2 birthday fractured his skull but didn't cry. Then a couple months before split his lip open from falling and needed stitches,but never cried. Only when he saw the doctors did he cry. We also noticed we couldn't go to the fireworks shows without him screaming like someone had just cut him.

Every day there were more signs but the doctors just kept telling us nothing was wrong. I just kept saying i wish they could see what he does. It was upsetting the whole household.

Then one day after his second birthday I called archway, and they gave me a number to call. Early child hood intervention. They set up a

meeting with me.

Speech,developmental,behavioral,occupational,all of which they said he needed. At first they thought it was autism, and went to get testing. But no it wasn't that but they said it was SPD.

Since he has started most of his therapy he has started talking not to good but it is still words. He now weighs 24 lbs gained 2 lbs. He is 31 months and still has a long way to go. He has so many things that bother him and sometimes we feel hopeless. I thought there was no one else out there that went through what we have to every day. Sometime I cry when I see him struggle with the things a typical child doesn't have to like: going to the store, fire alarms going off, tags in the clothes, eating and playing with poop(nasty),bright colors,certain clothes he wont wear. He would rather play with his food than eat it, jumping on the couch, hurting his brother,and the cat ,always patting his blanket,rubbing,licking,spinning,spitting,kicking,and worst of all the melt downs all the time.

He is getting better though,and I only hope that the schools understand him and that he thrives in what ever he does.I will support him and anyone else that may have the same things happen to them my sons are my world and no matter what i will go through the waves of emotions with him,cheer him on when he finally hits those milestones. The main thing is I love my son he has taught me alot, taught me that those kids in stores that scream my not be bad or spoiled,but that they may be just like my son. SPD can challenge us push us past our limits, make us cry or make us laugh but no matter what we love our kids. Also if your child is still having sleeping problems ask your doctor about melatonin a natural drug that helps these kids sleep......

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