Pubic hair

by K Vallee
(Prestonsburg, KY)

I have a client who has sensory processing disorder not specified at this point. Mother is reporting that she is starting to grow pubic hair and "she can't stand it". Mother is worried that the client may try to remove it herself, which could be dangerous. How can she desensitize her to the itchy's from this hair or teach her to remove it safely? I don't think the electric razor will work in that spot and hair removal creams are not good either.

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May 22, 2021
Pubic Hair Sensory Issues
by: Anon (With SPD)

I've faced similar issues with pubic hair ever since it came in. It wasn't just the itchiness that bothered me; it was also the sensation of feeling every single little hair moving from the base of its root anytime I happened to brush my groin area against something, such as the fabric of my pants and underwear while walking. Additionally, when going to the bathroom, urine would sometimes stick to the hair, which I then needed to wipe up, causing further unpleasant stimulation of the follicles. Overall, I felt restricted by my hair, and I never could stand it.

If the pubic hair does cause noticeable distress for your client, enough for her to want to remove it and possibly consider trying to remove it herself, I'd emphasize teaching her how to do so in a safe manner. Shaving with disposable razors, if done with care, can be a safe option. For pubic hair, soaking in the bath for a few minutes prior to shaving, applying shaving cream, shaving in the direction of the hair growth (with the grain), sanitizing the razor before and after use with isopropyl alcohol, making sure the razor is dried before it is stored to prevent excess rusting, and discarding the razor after several uses can all contribute to making the shaving experience safer. Although cleaning with warm water is enough, getting an unscented, hypoallergenic soap to clean the area before or after shaving is much safer than applying products with scents and chemicals in the pubic region, since those chemicals/scents could cause cause irritation of the more sensitive skin down there.

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