Pulling pants up too high

by Leslie
(Fort Worth, TX, USA)

Oh my gosh, I need some help and it's with a bit of a sensitive subject!

My 17 yr old has autism and part of that involves sensory issues with clothing. He has always hiked his pants up as far as he can get them but we have been having issues with this at school recently.

Now that he has gone through puberty, when he pulls his pants way up, it causes his private area to be much more noticeable, which is now drawing the unwanted attention and comments of fellow classmates.

I've had two conversations with the admin at the school about my son's private parts in two days time (sidebar: OMG) because my son is upset that kids are talking about his stuff, but he refuses to try to wear his pants properly and can't understand why this is an issue. He doesn't like the way the jeans feel when they sit on his hips like they naturally should and he also has an irrational fear that his pants are going to fall down, which could never happen because he cinches his belt ridiculously tight.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how I might "fix" this so he's comfortable and not drawing unwanted attention?

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