Question for 5yr old sons sensory room

by Heather W

My son is 5 and we would like to make him a sensory room...

i found this site looking for info on helping not only our son but us cope with his Sensory issues & have gained wonderful info that will be put to use and I am so thankful for that.

My question is can his bedroom be his sensory room or do we need to have it be a whole different room. In a way that is it now but i wasn't sure if we should dedicate a area just to his sensory items. I am limited in space only a 3 bedroom house and no garage. but he does get over whelmed with his room. There is so many toys and items in it, and he is so picky on how it all can be that it over whelms him. (getting people to stop buying certain toys is hard) but i would be more than happy to pull it out and start over if it means making his world a better place for him!!! (maybe he would sleep in it too.) LOL

Thank you in advance, Heather

i will tell you what i come up with and post pics

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Feb 21, 2011
by: Sarah

My son is 6, and we currently are also changing things in our home to be more sensitive to his sensory needs.

From reading your post, I would suggest that if family loves to buy him things, but the amount of stuff stresses him out, perhaps you could try boxing up the majority of the toys and storing them? Every 3 months or so, rotate out the toys completely. This might keep him from being overwhelmed in his room, and make him feel like he is constantly getting new toys!

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