question - how to improve my processing

by beth
(downers grove, il)

I've been diagnosed with an ld my whole life but,haven't been taught how to improve my processing or work on it. As a kid i was given accommodations but not techniques. Now that I'm an adult i know there must be ways to improve the processing or at least work at improving it. If you can improve your singing skills by practice or having a vocal coach there has to be a way to improve my processing issue right?

My question is now that I realized that I need to figure how to improve at it where do i go? The books I've found are for working with kids with processing disorders but nothing on adults. This effects my work life everyday and can be really frustrating and embarrassing.I know I'm not dumb- I graduated college w/ honors (using my accommodations) but i don't know how to fix or improve this.

Where do i get help or who can i ask that could point me in the right direction?

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May 17, 2010
thank you
by: Anonymous

thank you !!! i really appreciate your help!

May 15, 2010
What kind of processing
by: Bonnie

So I would think it would depend on kind of processing you are having trouble with. I assume since you are on this board then you are talking about sensory processing issues and therefore you need to get a diagnosis from an OT and they can help you with the issues even as an adult. If you are talking about other processing issues like auditory processing or another one on the long list of processing disorders then it would be a different specialist. I totally understand about being given modifications and accommodations but not actually helping you retrain your brain or give you skills to overcome the issues. Unfortunately that is the school system for you then and even now a lot of the time. A general psychologist or even better a neuropsychologist would be able to help you determine exactly what the issues are that you are struggling with and tell you who you need to be evaluated by and receive services from if he/she can't help you further. Good luck!

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