Question regarding my 5 yr old

Shes always been funny with clothes, goes through phases of what will or wont wear, for ages it was dresses, they weren't right they didnt feel right because they went down (her words), her socks cant have bumps in, she can spend ages smoothing out her sock and if its not perfect she cries, she hates labels, her hair has to be right, it cant fall in her face, it cant be a certain style as it doesnt feel right, it cant have a bump at the top and the bobble has to be really tight, she will move her head up and down to check it feels right before accepting what ive done with her hair. At the minute shes been really bad, not sure whether it comes in waves of being worse than other times but the last couple of weeks have been so bad, they had a dressing up day at school, she picked her outfit, she wanted to be santa, the back of the jacket was bugging her.

I offered for her to wear normal clothes but she wanted to dress up like her friends, she cried all the way to school because it didnt feel right when she had her coat on. Then it was party day we picked out some leggings and a lovely top, the leggings went down, she went mad that it wasn't tight enough round her waist so I stitched it to feel better that was fine for her but then she was complaining that around her ankles werent right, she was really crying all the way to school. Normal uniform days she wears pants but everyday she goes mad that they go down, they're too near the floor, they are actually an inch away from the floor but she spends every second pulling them up and crying that theyre falling down, I would put her a dress and tights on for school but she doesnt like dresses and hates the feel of tights.

She also funny in the car, the seat belt has to be so tight or it doesnt feel right, obviously its tight anyway but she likes it even tighter. Once in school she seems fine noone has mentioned the problem with clothes, in school its other problems with her work and poor concentration and how behind she is. I dont know whether its sensory or more ocd type behavior but any advice would be great

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Dec 20, 2011
Life with SPD isn't easy.
by: Kimberly S.

I have a 6 year old with SPD. He hates tags and labels, has to wear a special seatbelt because his 'doesn't feel right', and he hates to wear jeans. It's like he experiences real pain when he wears jeans. From my experience what you have described fits the disorder. As far as the hair issue, he hates to have his combed at all, and when he takes a bath I have to be very very careful to avoid getting water on or in his ears or he will scream, sometimes for hours. Also, when he goes to sleep his blanket has to be a really soft or padded one and it has to be wrapped around him very snugly.

I wish I could give you an answer that could help you ease her symptoms some, but all you can really do is the same as me... cope, the best you can, and try different things until something works. Frustrating, isn't it, knowing things like this happen on a daily basis to your child and there's no 'magic pill' to make it go away. Oh, and what the previous comment says about ASD... the two often go hand in hand, they do with my youngest, but that doesn't mean your daughter is affected by it.

Dec 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hello, I can tell you my experience, which is similar only because they are hypersensitive to clothing, but other than that the child has other sensory disturbances in the checklist. these disorders were considered ASD.Ma I say this is my case.

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