by Erin
(Birmingham, Al)

My little girl is 4 when she was three she was told that she has some sensory seeking behaviors. We have been seeing an occupational therapist since October. My daughter participated in the Therapeutic listening therapy and she had great success. She does not hold crayons tightly, she does not spin that much anymore. She still has problems with balance.

There is one particular motion that she does and I do not know why she does this. She squeezes things very tightly and she makes a facial expression that she is mad. She did this a lot last year and she might do this twice a day now . I do not know what causes her to do this. She controls this behavior and she does not do this at school or karate or at dancing. The therapist finally told me that she does not know what causes this behavior.

I was wondering if any other parents have children with this same behavior. I just want to help my child. I did not know if parents had any other techniques that I could try to understand why she does this. I feel like she gets over stimulated or excited and she does not know how to channel the excitement.


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