Questionable mom

by Wendi

My daughter,5, has had some (A LOT) of the symptoms for as long as I can remember. She has been diagnosed with ADHD and a tic disorder, but I always felt like there was something a little more "off" with her (for lack of a better term).

From the books I have read, I am 95% sure she has some sort of problem processing information. We are in the mist of getting an OT appointment to be diagnosed. I have to say, I'm a little nervous that there won't be much that anyone can do. My biggest fear (being a 5th grade teacher) is that my child will be the one that gets on everyone's nerves, and she'll have trouble keeping the friends she needs to support her during middle school (kids are so accepting at an early age, but after a while they get tired of being so accepting). I know that I am jumping the gun, but I see so many parents wait until 5th grade to come to terms with their child needing help that it hurts the child.

On the child's side, I see so many kids who don't get the help and understanding that they need early, that by the time they are in 5th grade, all the other kids ignore them b/c the one child gets on their nerves and acts inappropriately and immature. Not sure what I'm looking for here.....any advice would be welcomed.

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Nov 08, 2009
You sound like a wonderful teacher!
by: Ursula Gates

How I wished there were more teachers like you? My daughters teacher this year is very understanding, but they just don't really understand unless they have walked in your own shoes. Most teachers she has had has not been very understanding.

My daughter is ten and has a tremendous amount of sensory issues and a seizure disorder which is currently not under control. She is so smart the only thing is she learns and thinks in a very different way.

She has some tics, but I was told it is self-stimulatory. She was also diagnosed with high-functioning autism. The self-stimulatory is the need to move all the time. The problem is some look seizure like so it makes me worry. I just look at it this way if she can respond to me then it is not a seizure.

We have thought about putting her on one of the drugs for ADD like Straterra. Because that is supposed to help with anxiety too. It also does not have any stimulants in them. That is what a lot of children get addicted to. We have to wait until her seizures are under control first.
I hope everything works out for you!

Nov 08, 2009
by: Heather, Calif

Hi Wendy,

I ended up putting my daughter on ADD meds. In 5th grade for alot of the reasons you've expressed. She was diagnosed in 2nd grade and we did the 6 month program of OT. It did help and the sensory diet was a huge help in teaching my daughter how to self regulate and have a feeling of some control. But by 5th grade she was having trouble keeping up in class, her teacher was very disorganized and that's really the kiss of death for kids with SPD. They need structure period.

She also was not keeping up socially due to the fact she's not so good a reading social cues and her auditory issues get in the way when there's alot of kids talking ect. I noticed she became more and more down on herself and depressed. Out of desperate concern for her well being I took her to see a behavior specialist. My daughter is not hyper but definitely has trouble with paying attention mostly zoning out.

The doctor prescribed a mild ADD drug called Methylin. She takes a very small dose and the benefits have been dramatic. She has alot more sustained energy even after the meds. have worn off. Her teacher noticed that she was more patient with herself and didn't give up so easily. She even got a phone number to a new friend the first week. She didn't have to run around being crazy to keep her brain alert anymore and actually had the patience to sit and talk with friends. She slowly started building her confidence back.

She's a middle schooler now. I can't tell you how much better she does having the chance to get up and move from class to class. She's still on meds. and is an honor roll student. She's still immature socially but has many friends and is confident. I understand that meds. aren't for everyone and had my daughter not been in so much pain I probably would've never tried them, but they've worked for us along with OT.

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