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by Rachael

I am facing a nasty divorce all because of a unteachable family about SPD with ADHD after being married 16 years today. That family was never worth my time... they are abusive alcoholics. Our son is SPD with ADHD also. May even be possible BP also.

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Nov 07, 2008
I think this can help you please read
by: sher

I am not sure if you know this but most people who have learning disabilities end up alcoholics or drug addicts.

It is due to the fact that often as children with learning disabilities they grow up undiagnosed! They end up SELF medicating themselves
through drugs and alcohol. Those that get a proactive teacher or parent or help at school overwhelmingly DO NOT TURN out this way!!!

So any parent or advocate or educator please don't stop fighting for the right diagnosis and treatment!!! Tell and explain to EVERYONE what is going on with your child!!

DO not be embarrassed but explain, fight and assure everyone that they are normal... they just deal with things differently!! I am a mother and have 3 children 21, 14 and 7 oh yes, I know what I am saying I do not MINIMIZE my children's diagnosis with anyone! I fight and educate everyone along the way!! Even those at the store who stare at me when melt downs occur and friends that come over... etc...

I have had to do this with my family and own husband who still has his doubts... tough on family relations? oh... yes!! He is all boy he will grow out of it! I have 2 boys and the one has auditory processing and my youngest is sensory processing disorder! Even the schools minimized his diagnosis... I told them point blank don't minimize what I am saying to you MY SON has this and I need your help to get him on track with his education!!

Most of the educators and special ed teachers didn't know what I was even talking about and said they would get back to me about it. Keep pressing them... most people generally do want to help you I believe. But the most important thing to remember NOW... is IF YOU don't fight and get help now, they could fall through the crack and end up in some sort of addiction.

This should motivate anyone!! Keep it up... understand that most likely your husbands family turned to alcohol because they have learning disabilities and are self medicating themselves due to never having the right support and diagnosis. Understanding them is the key to getting PEACE back with relationships, as they most likely will not change! But you and your son can change YOUR response to them and what they are struggling in. GOOD LUCK!

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