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I always knew something was wrong with my prematurely born son. He never slept as an infant. He was cared for by his paternal grandmother, who left to live in Puerto Rico when he was three. Needless to say I had to rely on a less nurturing individual to watch him, and though he was well cared for he did not receive opportunities to interact with others his age or to run, play...basically his day consisted of playing indoors and watching disney and noggin. On the week ends when I was off I would take him to the park and play with him.

He was always hurting himself. He had a thing about screwing screws off of furniture and would often take a push pin or other sharp object and let the sir out of his uncle's bicycle. He was very demanding and had food aversions. HE STILL ONLY EATS DRY CRUNCHY foods. Meal time is the pits. He likes only ice cold bath water and refuses to sit in the water.

Loud noises bother him. He likes to be cuddled and hidden behind pillows and under blankets no matter how hot it is. He has a high thresh hold for pain. He once put his hand in the campfire and did not draw back until I yelled at him.

He is smart and inquisitive. He was enrolled in a Catholic School where his odd behavior was immediately flagged. Difficulty socializing aggression and tantrums. I got so tired of hearing from the teacher I discharged him and he remained at home for the rest of the year. Then in kindergarten i enrolled him into a public school...no complaints from the kindergarten teacher because she had other behavior issues that were a real distraction.

Now in first grade, Daniel is experiencing problems with self control. He was evaluated and will receive ot for his motor skills...he is six and can not button or tie shoe laces despite many different approaches to trying to teach him. He is in play therapy which also helped a lot but he still has issues

with navigating through every day tasks. Highly distractable, Daniel has learned to compensate in school by becoming an auditory learner. Although he is turning cartwheels on the carpet, he is in tune with the lesson and can retell story and comprehend questions.

He also is a wonderful artist. A home he spends hours drawing detailed drawings of castles and anything with a medieval theme. He engages in role play where he dresses as a knight and battles with his nine year old brother. In his play, he is always the hero. Still, in school he moves an distracts other students, Cognitively he is very bright and displays quite an extensive vocabulary.

I am considering requesting physical therapy and speech to help him learn how to engage in play and interact with his peers. Last week I went to the farm with his class...he couldn't go without a chaperon. I observed him and how the other childen responded to him...Sad to say he has not learned the names of children in his class...lack of interest. and the children do not seem to like him very much...He is that child that other children dread holding hands with or having as a partner. He has been taught manners but on top of everything else he is extremely messy, his appearance---the kid with the snotty nose---he also has asthma.

I have tried playing board games with him to teach him how to play. I have tried pencil grips and fidgets. I have also tried giving homework in small increments with many breaks in between...it takes three hours sometimes.

Now he is on a daily behavior modification check list. I've noticed he's worse in the morning than in the evening. His ircadiancycle is that of a teen ager it seems. Daniel is underresponsive, sensory seeking and over responsive to external stimuli. He also has visual perception problems that hinder reading stamina. I really would like to know what to do next. Im thinking about his future and will he have friends and when or how to get help for spd when most have not even heard of it.

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Oct 31, 2009
aumentare la consapevolezza su SPD
by: Anonymous

ciao lisa mi associo al tuo appello, ho la tua stessa situazione in famiglia senza poter fare niente per trattare il disturbo . viviamo in italia qui spd è sconosciuto.è assurdo che non si diffonde la conoscenza di questo reale disturbo la cui vita dei molti bambini colpiti è molto scadente.rivolgo un appello alla dottoressa Myller. diffondete alle agenzie della salute e pediatri tramite i vari mezzi di comunicazione la conoscenza di SPD.non è accettabile che si lascino milioni di bambini fuori dalla possibilità di avere una vita normale. grazie

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