Real SPD?

by Ari M
(Newport News VA)

I was always told I had un diagnosed SPD and I know I have gross motor skills. Since I was a child certain textures,lights, noises, and smells have always bothered me.

I hate labels in clothing, closed shirt seams, coarse material, among several other things. I cannot wear jeans,shorts, puffy jackets, elastic things, and most long sleeves. I like my clothing tight in certain places and loose in certain places. I have had the hardest time wearing under garments. As a toddler I would fight with my parents about clothes and in 5th grade I cut all the seams off on my shirt sleeves.

Handwriting look the longest time. I have had to see Occupational Therapist growing up and I still struggle with motor tasks. I often get the impulse to touch,chew, and lick things, and I like pressure in certain areas. I don't like too much touching, I hate pinching,pricking, and getting my blood pressure taken.

Sounds of all kinds annoy me.I used to have meltdowns over getting dressed and everything used to be too tight or itchy. The seams on my clothing have to be just right, but I won't condemn clothing for minor irritants. The seams on my socks have to be just right and I can't wear clothing with heavy print or images you can feel. I still wear camisoles and it takes me forever to get used to a new texture.

I have taken quizzes and looked at symptoms and I fit most SPD systems. I have the hardest time dealing with change and altercations. My Uncle is autistic and my family has a very long extensive history of mental issues and depression.

I'm wondering if I might possibly have genuine SPD or if I am just sensitive to certain things.

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Jun 15, 2019
Grand daughter
by: Anonymous

I have a grand daughter that is 6 that hates to wear certain clothing as well. She won’t wear jeans, hates tags, and the seams also have to be just right. She also grinds her teeth while sleeping very hard and kicks all night. Her older sister has always put things in her mouth and chewed on all kinds of weird stuff, now she is 15 and when she gets anxiety really bad she has passed out with eyes open? Maybe seizure without flopping? Her mom pulls patches of hair out and her father, my husband has OCD as did his mother (rest her soul)

My husband’s doctor told us that mental illnesses will almost always be inherited in some sub category by all family members. I am seeing this to be true through my children and grandchildren.

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