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by hunleymom

Reading this checklist freaked me out a bit. My boys are on opposite ends of every spectrum. Older brother is 4 1/2. Stomps his feet, likes loud music, can't concentrate, avoids eye contact, mis-judges how hard to put his arms in his pajamas and pants, says the water is hot in the shower at lukewarm, yet ate BOILING hot beans tomight and was fine, cries when water runs over his face and freaks out, yet is fine with vacs and the dentist, is very loud and crashes into things/falls a lot, clumsy, can't button or zip his clothes, gets over-stimulated around large groups, has tantrums during transition.

Younger son is 18months...hates water over his head, wont bathe without me there, hates face washed even with a wipe, chokes on even mashed up food and basically only nurses, only recently started allowing family other a few people to hold him but is still afraid of a lot of people, doesn't like to get hands dirty, has a VERY flabby appearance to his body (just made an appointment for this), trips on everything (we had his equilibrium checked already), very difficult to tell what is wrong when he cries, wants to always wear shoes, had "colic" until he was almost a year old...cried constantly, still sleeps swaddled (just let arms out this week).

My husband thinks they are just spoiled, but like I said...reading this got me worried. I do probably do too much for them, but my four year old can't even draw a stick figure...I feel like something is wrong...but with both of them? I also feel like I could just be

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Jan 12, 2013
by: Anonymous

i would trust YOUR instincts regardless of what others say, including your husband. Ask for an Occupational Therapy Evaluation from your pediatrician. Start there, you'll start to getting some answers. good luck

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