Refuses to go to the potty on the toilet

A child will not go on the potty. Ever. The child must use a pull-up, favorite one, to go. Sometimes the child holds it for hours.

BM's are never regular and needs a pull-up,too. The child is 4.

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Same problem
by: Hawaii Mom

Hi, we had the same problem with our son up until 3 months ago. I thought he would be a life-time pull-up user and then he reached a developmental milestone and everything "clicked" for him.

He is able to hold his pee all night and now wakes up after 8-10 hours and has a good pee! I think he knew understood all along what we had taught him, but it wasn't until he was ready, probably both psychologically and physiologically (stronger bladder control) that he could accomplish this. Kids with SID are very intelligent and they understand everything we teach them, the problem is, that they must do it on their schedule, not ours.

Keep teaching your child kindly and keep his/her spirits up by saying, I know you understand what to do and one day when you can, you will learn to do this, and then we will have a little celebration! Good luck!

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