Refusing to wee

by Merry Ann
(Leeds uk)

My little boy is 3 and we potty trained 6 months ago when he was 2 years, 9 months. He had been using the potty to poo for 2-3 months before that, and at his request not prompted. But we have had a huge battle with weeing. He just refuses to go. Initially he did, and will go when we are out and about, but not at home.

I' m pretty sure he knows he needs to go as he will fidget and wiggle. He gets up off the sofa and wees on the floor. When I see this behaviour I ask him does he need to go and he denies it, if I insist he tantrums and melts down. He can hold on for hours!

One day last week, I noticed him jigging and dancing, 2 hours later he still hadn't gone despite some gentle suggestions from me. I insisted and carried him upstairs, explaining there would be no TV or toys until he did his wee. He screamed and cried for nearly 2 hours and still didn't go. I could see him fighting it and single drops of wee dripping out.

I had my lunch on our bathroom floor with him rolling around refusing his lunch. I had to nurse my 3 month old at the same time, and actually ended up giving my little boy a smack on the bottom for kicking and shoving his baby sister.

After 2 hours of a tantrum ( plus the initial 2 hours of him dancing and jigging about) I decided enough was enough. I put him on the potty and held him there. In a matter of seconds he started weeing, screaming and shouting at the same time. Trying to hit me in the face, furious at me and himself. I felt like the worst mother in the world. This could happen pretty much every day if I let it.

I have been reading up on spd and suspect my little boy may have this ( there are other behaviours which lead me to this).

Does this sound familiar to anyone with children with SPD? Do you have any tips?

I know if I go to my gp about this I will be told it's just a phase etc. just don't know what to do.

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