Registered Nurse

by Tilly
(Columbus, Ohio)

I just discovered that I have SPD by reading the information provided and the testimonials of adults and parents. I am 62 years old and have been able to cope with the diorder. I will not go into detail regarding my was refreshing to know that I am not alone, although I have one niece with this problem too, and maybe 2 of my grandchildren. My deceased father had it too. I thought we were the only people with this problem, or thought maybe a only a handful of individuals had it. I was a mental health nurse and also have an MSW and never had heard of it. God bless each sufferer and their parents.

I have a request. The blue books that serve as a directory on this feed is a repeat pattern that drives me crazy....please consider restructuring it. Thanks. Thanks for all of the information. I truly appreciate it. I am relieved to have found this info. But please reconsider reformatting your directory. For people with this disorder, those blue books may drive us crazy.

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May 29, 2019
eye skin fetish
by: Anonymous

its been years that i have tried to stop this behaviour but i cant seem to stop, i have a weird obsession with fiddling with sensitive skin like the skin below my eyes to the point its now dark, i play with my younger brothers skin just outside the armpit, its soft and easy to pinch it between my nails, i toss and turn it around especially my eye i play around with it, till it hurts or a tear escapes my eye. i do it unconciously and its embarrassing becasue people have caught me doing it unaware and i hate it.

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