Relieved to know..

by Stacy
(Illinois )

I've just found this site. Thanks to my dog's IG account, and several dog owners have disabling disorders. This is one of them. So I googled it and I found this site, among others, but I've been reading this one strictly.

I am reading the symptoms for adults and kids. I am 48 now, but things are worse in some ways. I was a super shy, sensitive child, that would hide from company, and even my own father. As an adult, my biggest debilitating issues are chewing my fingers! I cannot stop,and even try wearing gloves, but I have chores to do.

My senses are super sensitive as well. I cannot stand the smell of perfumes or colognes. I only use a few essential oils. I have super good hearing as well. Hate spices on my foods, only plain for me. Nothing in my chocolate, as far as nuts go. Don't touch condiments, ew! :\
That's just the tip of the iceberg. Wow, maybe I should seek out a specialist.

I've gone all these years without a shrink, well, not really. I grew up in a very broken home,and even in foster care, so I had to see one. I also have fibromyalgia, and am on meds. Have been doing therapy for the last couple of years even. My pain level is awful. I'm weaker than ever. Just makes so much sense now when reading this stuff.

I'm not totally insane after all.

If there's a group for this, I may Google that next. Thanks for letting me write my rant.:) StacyB

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