Removal of Medication/growth spurt/Teething?

by Crista
(GR, MI)

Our son is 10 and has SPD. In the last three weeks we have removed his risperdol in an effort to stop the medication due to long term side effects. Has anyone tried to stop this medication and was there a withdrawal period? Tonight he is crying uncontrollably and very agitated. I am not sure if he is in withdrawal mode or he has hit a growth spurt or maybe is just teething as the last few weeks have been very hard for him to wear a shirt. Now he is chomping his teeth constantly and biting the inside of his cheek. Last night and tonight he has been crying at night. Any thoughts?

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Dec 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Risperdal is a powerful psychotropic drug, which would lend credence to the fact that many do experience withdrawal effects, especially if meds are stopped quickly and depending on how long one has been on a drug. There can be many factors.

Side effects can include insomnia, irritability, hallucinations or delusions and mania or depression. Have you talked with your doctor about this?

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