Rocking/Head Hitting/Bouncing

by Lyndsy

So excited to have found this page! We are frustrated and at a loss of how to help my little guy manage his movements. He is almost 7 and has been rocking/hitting his head on walls (chairs, walls when he is sitting), and bouncing on the floor since he was about 15 months.

He is in K and his teacher is great, but struggle to understand what is going on and how to deal with it. I ran into my motor steriotopies Facebook page and it's helped some, but still not sure if that is "it". We do have an appointment to see a ped neuro in Feb (waited 4 months!). Hoping to find answers, so we know where to go. We've seen an OT, 4 pediatricians, homeopath, and cranial doc. They do feel a spot in his neck where his spinal fluid gets stuck and doesn't flow correctly, they've adjusted with cranial work, but it won't stay. I did think that THAT was why his hit his head and such, because his body feels "off". Which they professionals have agreed with. BUT, they came to a place where they think it's more, but they don't know what. SO, here we are, looking for answers.

He can stop doing his movements, if I ask, but has a need to start doing it soon after. He also has periods of time when it STOPS for weeks at a time....but then comes raging back almost stronger.

My son does the movement pretty intensely at times, but more often just more soothing. He does it while he does anything and is feeling a variety of emotion. When I talk to him about it, he says "I just have to do it". Complains of headaches and heck hurting often though too. We've had an MRI, showed nothing.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? He does struggle with being over stimulated at sporting events, loud places, ect.

Sorry so long...just desperately looking for someone to say they can relate! Thanks guys!

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