Our 17-year-old son was found to have SID in 2002 by the sister of a friend who is an OT (we'd taken him to three behavioral specialists prior to this and none of them had a clue). There was so little information available at the time we had to just cope with it the best we could and he turned out remarkably well just teaching himself coping mechanisms.

Every time he enters a new stage in his life, he has to start over with learning new strategies. He's just now starting to develop a relationship with a young lady which means a whole new set of issues. Also, with being almost-autonomous, he is totally resistant to anything we try to help him with, especially in terms of post-graduation plans.

He tends to get really excited about things in the future (playing football, going to law enforcement training camp, etc.) until it actually stares him in the face and then he wants to run away. All of the material I can find focuses on young children.

Is there anything for those of us who are much further along?

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