Rose Marie RN

by rose rn
(clearwater, fl, usa)

I think it is real. I have seen this behavior for the last three years and did not know why. The family just think the kid is stubborn and unwilling to change or just too lazy to do what is asked of him.

Actually he has an extensive vocabulary and can participate well with adults. He does not like the company of children even his peers, he is unable to share his toys and he has a serious collection of the syfy variety.

He has a narrow menu of foods he will eat and will not vary. Parents have tried to force good foods but he frustrates all efforts by gagging and pseuvomiting.

He exasperates the grandparents and extended family as he does not fall in the mold of what they think a child should act. I am a stepmom and I have been just a casual observer but wish there was a way to bring more compassion and less frustration for everyone in this family. The child will continue to grow and pediatricians have suggested that he should just be starved until he will put a fruit or vegetable in his mouth. Family has become isolated due to his lack of warmth and avoidance of hugging and problems with cousins who are smaller than he is. Otherwise he is a very nice boy.

He enjoys the computer games and lego toys, star wars, mcdonalds, and seems indifferent to who is with him. he attends school and does well and gets along with the teachers. he does not try to break any rules just the opposite he tries very hard to always do the right thing.

His father is upset that he cannot tie his shoes or play ball or ride a bike, he will not try any new foods and has hard time brushing his teeth, using utensils to eat, and has to be reminded of the simplest self care activities. Am I crazy or is there a problem here?

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