After reading through the checklist i have found that my 7 year old daughter has alot of the symptoms on most of the things on here she is seeing a psychologist soon and a person i see at the child adolescent family service in Hastings new zealand feels this could be the cause of alot of her problems that i have dealing with for around 6 years now this has helped me alot will check back once have seen the doctor....

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Aug 22, 2011
Fellow Kiwi
by: Joanne

Hi, I'm also in NZ (CHCH) with a daughter now aged 9 who was referred to an occupational therapist by the school and then diagnosed with SPD. If no-one has told you yet - read a copy of the Out Of Sync Child (the local library should have it). It is well worth it. When I first read it, many times I stopped and thought "so that's what's going on, it's not just me"

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