My daughter's 3 yr old is very much like his father, who was once diagnosed as ADHD. Several of the hypo-sensory categorys describe both of them so accurately it is scary! I fear for him when he starts school that he will also be diagnosed ADHD, his behavior is so over the top! I keep hearing " oh, he's just all boy" but that is not it.

5 minutes in a room he will leave it looking like a tornado hit it, and one hour just watching him leaves a person tearing their hair out. He is always cut and bruised from falling, and purposely running into things, but normal bath leaves him screaming if he gets water in his face. He's been bitten by cats for dragging them by the tail, and he just laughs and does it again. He eats everything in sight one minute, then just a bite or two for days. He can throw a tantrum that leaves two grown women unable to carry him out of the store ( he's also very big and strong for his age, which make it all so much worse). I want to know who can help?

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