Ryan's Mom

by Jen
(New York)

SPD is something that I have become acquainted with. My two year old son, Ryan has been diagnosed with Sensory Disorder by his occupational therapist. I thought that was the end of the road, that, that was all Ryan had. I just found on the internet a whole variety of different disorders and dysfunctions that come along with that diagnosis. I just now found out about something called, Proprioceptive Dysfunction, which is a type of Sensory Disorder. As I was reading the symptoms of this dysfunction, I thought, that is my Ryan right there. Everything listed there described my son's behaviors to a T.

I vaguely remember my sons therapist mention this word to me a while ago, but it never occurred to me that, that is what Ryan actually has. I do believe that this is a true medical condition and it should be studied a lot further if possible. Now I know what my son has, I have to go through the pain staking process of finding out what caused my son to be this way.........Is this my fault that my son has to suffer with this everyday of his life? I can't imagine what he has to go through, and it breaks my heart to find these things out. I still love him, he is the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet. He is my little man, he was from birth, and he will always be my little man for the rest of my life. Thanks for reading......

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