School drop offs

by Katie
(South Africa)

Hi... My 4 year old son has recently been diagnosed with SPD. He is a sensory seeker with absolutely no impulse control. He has been going to an OT for a couple of months and things are going well.

My main concern at the moment is his school. He has had some behavioural issues and this is the 4th school he has attended and he has been going for the last year and a half. They are very accommodating and understanding. I have such huge problems dropping him off in the morning. I need some advice as I feel as if I have tried everything to make it go smoothly.

We start off in the morning with a great unrushed routine. I drop his siblings off as soon as we hit the road his school is in he starts trying to convince me his school is closed and that he doesn't want to go. It takes me about 15 minutes to get him out of the car, another 15 to get him into his classroom. which he normally just runs out of again. It ends up that the teacher normally has to hold him back while I leave. He kicks and throws things around the classroom. The teacher says he takes about 30 minutes to calm down.

I have tried swinging him at school this was great for about a week. I have tried sending him with calm down boxes. He loves all these things but as soon as I say good bye he is like white on rice.

I have recently started looking at a new school for him but I am not sure if that will just make things worse.

When I go pick him up he is quite happy.
If I ask him why he doesn't want to school he normally just makes funny noises and runs away.

I really don't know what to do. Any one who has been in the same situation or any advice will be greatly appreciated. thank you

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