School environment

by SPD Parent

My 9 year old son was recently diagnosed with SPD. He has previously attended a private, traditional school with a pretty rigid environment.

I'm wondering if he needs to attend a different school next year that has more opportunities for hands-on learning. Right now, he sits at his desk almost all day (in rows). There is not a lot of cooperative learning, very traditional setting, and fast pace academics. It IS very structured with a predictable schedule, however, which he ALSO needs b/c he has trouble with transition sometimes.

The problem with a private school is (believe it or not), they can not always make accommodations for special needs due to their tight budget.

I'm wondering if a structured Montessori Program would be good? He loves going to OT and "playing" with all the "toys" (learning tools) there. Help! This is huge decision to change schools.

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