School OT Consultant- SIPT Certified

by Rachel

Can anyone recommend a SIPT Certified OT that does consulting to schools in northeastern Massachusetts (preschool)? Our daughter has been diagnosed with severe sensory processing difficulties and shuts down in response to noxious stimuli, most often auditory. The school system we are working with does not have a qualified person on staff to help work through our daughter's complex needs. Without this person in place to help direct her services, it is highly unlikely that her school experience will be successful. Please help.

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Jan 29, 2023
SIPT certified OT
by: Anonymous MA OTR


All school districts are required by FAPE to provide necessary services for a child to make effective progress in the classroom. I question that there are no qualified therapists in your current district that can provide necessary accomodations for your child to be successful. Perhaps I am not understanding this correctly?

A therapist does not require SIPT certification to provide sensory integration therapy. A school system is required to provide services in relation to the school setting to ensure that the child makes effective academic progress if it is determined that the child has a qualifying disability. If the district does not have an OT on staff, the district will hire a qualified professional to provide the service. The parent is not responsible for recruiting or hiring a staff to provide services in the school setting. If the parent would like to access outside services through an outpatient clinic, they may do so upon a referral from their PCP.

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