School Psychologist/Mother

by Brenda

As a school psychologist (30+ years) and mom of a daughter with autism (37 years), I know that sensory processing difficulties are real, but I find it hard to see SPD as a separate stand-alone diagnosis. I have worked with so many children who have primary diagnoses of autism, Aspergers disorder, ADHD, learning disabilities, developmental handicaps, and/or even medical diagnoses like diabetes or sickle cell anemia who also have sensory problems that I wonder and look for whatever is causing the sensory problems. I am glad to know of all the research that is taking place on this subject and particularly appreciate all the parental advice, educational recommendations, and resources you offer on your website. It is a great resource which I am telling parents and teachers about daily. A child does not have to be diagnosed as SPD to benefit from your information.

An aside: I worked with a local sewing group to make weighted vests as a community projects for an elementary school at a cost of about $10.00 each.

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