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by Michele
(Milaca, MN)

My 10 year old son is very smart and now that he is reading, he is reading 3 grade levels above his own (5th grade). We home educate, so he has been able to take things at his own pace. He does almost all his math in his head, rarely using scratch paper, he is currently writing a story book for us.

So, knowing how intelligent he is I can not understand why the majority of his numbers and letters are still being written backwards??

Sometimes entire sentences are written as if he was looking in a mirror while writing. We have always dealt with his SPD at home, just with family, but maybe we need more help. How do I find the right person to help? How can I get him to write his letters and numbers correctly?? Any help would be much appreciated.

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Dec 04, 2008
by: Anonymous

I teach Special ed and deal with lots of different learning problems. I have you ever thought about having him tested for dyslexia. In my school district they get extra help from a special reading teacher and they are taught skills to help them cope and deal with their disability.

You might check into it over the internet, just google dyslexia or ask about it through your local school district.

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