by Christina Siordia
(Hemet CA)

How do I get my child help in public school? I know she has special needs,but she is very bright.. I'm at such a loss. Any information on this subject would help a great deal.

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Apr 14, 2010
My advice to you
by: Roni

I KNOW how you feel!!!

I had contacted a legal group here in Texas called Advocacy, Inc. and they directed me to the link above.

PLEASE LOOK IT OVER!! You may not be in Texas but it has very good information in it.

I recently bought a tape recorder and recorded our "PRE" 504 meeting. I have to say.....Yesterday's meeting went GREAT!!!! I don't know if it's the new people that I'm dealing with or if it was the tape recorder but my suggestion for you is to invest in a nice recorder and tape EVERY CONVERSATION so you can use it to put them (the school officials) on their best behavior and as a tool to help you in remembering what is said in the meetings.

My daughter was at another school for kinder through the first half of 2nd grade. The other school was really doing their best to NOT help her and even fooled me into thinking they had her best interests at heart. I saw a little bit of that with this new school and I just could not go through it again. I REALLY feel that buying that recorder helped me out because I have talked to the new schools principal, vice principal, counselor and teacher but NEVER had the responses that I had like yesterdays meeting. The counselor seems ok but I thought that before and was SO WRONG!

So here is also a little {BUT IMPORTANT} info that I have learned in the 3 school years of dealing with the school's politics:

1) DONT SIGN ANY ANY ANY ANY 504/ARD forms unless you TOTALLY agree with what is being said.

I had been signing my name to everything not realizing that I was agreeing with their decisions
2) Keep a recorder near you at all times and record all your conversations ESPECIALLY the 504/ARD meetings. I really think this scares them and it keeps them honest!
3) DONT LET THEM SCARE YOU! Ask ALL the questions your heart desires..They need to answer you and if they don't know ask them to direct you to the person who does know. Keep fighting the good fight!
4) Keep all the work samples you can from your child. Believe it or not there are skummy school officials out there and they will make it hard for you to get services. A paper trail is the best! PLEASE WATCH OUT FOR THIS as it has happened to my daughter. (which is why i moved to a different school)
There are also some good people out there but none the less be prepared!
5) Speak up! If you are like me then you don't want any trouble but sometimes we are called to "make" it if we are not being heard. Be polite but assertive and know your facts so you can use it to back up what you are saying.
6) Educate yourself: You may not get the help you are asking for but you will be more educated on how to help your child and after all that's what were here fighting for!
7) AGAIN: Make sure that you PUT THINGS IN WRITING-- check out the link I gave you, it will better explain it to you.

Oct 19, 2009
help in school
by: Anonymous

Hello, I know it's frustrating. In Florida I had to ask for an IEP. Individualized Education Plan..If my son was borderline passing they wouldn't help me. I had to bring some paperwork to the Dr's office and it had to be a medical disability. He tests out very smart, but the day to day is hard. He just cant follow tasks or focus. The school has to find accommodations to teach him. They have, because i have a big mouth and tell them what he needs.

Look on the county school website and look for the special education links. You should find something. Also go to the office and ask them for something like an IEP. You want your kid in general education with special accommodations for their particular disability. spd might not be recognized. try ADD just for the iep. good luck from Florida

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