Scored 13 above for 6 yr old son

by Coleen

My son has many of the behaviors in the social, emotional and sensory-seeking categories but a few others as well. He is 6-1/2 and one year ago (the summer before K), I brought him to a counselor and had them interview/test him to find out if something besides personality issues were going on. He did not get a clinical ADHD or ODD diagnosis (although did test just under clinical for ADHD) and they said maybe to have him retested in a year. I just know there is SOMETHING going on, I just don't know how to help him.

He is very impulsive and "handsy" and had exhibited a lot of biting for NO reason when he was younger. He has a very hard time making friends and although he has a fraternal twin, they rarely get along at all. He often complains about socks or shoes, unties his shoes during the school day, talks a lot, has trouble explaining ideas, becomes fixated on something he wants to the point of anxiety, CANNOT handle losing a game ever, often wants the radio turned off or gets upset when the blender is on, sucks his thumb and is very attached to his blankie (requires thumb sucking when touching his blankie). I'm going to seek out an OT now to ask about this. Thanks!

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