Scratching, pushing, squeezing by 3,5 years old!!!!!!!

by Izabella

My son is 3.5 and started preschool. Now every day, almost several times a day he is squeezing other classmates, sometimes sitting over them, on them, scratching their faces and arms. He does not do it because of the bad temper or while he is upset, mostly otherwise-while he is happy, usually these are the kids he loves.

Teachers say he does it for no reason. He used to do the same before to my husband, sometimes it was really painful.When I and everyone ask him why he does it- he does not reply, prefers to change the topic to something else. Are these actions of him having sensory disorder??????

And what can be done with it? Talking to him, caring for him, doing finger massages,physical therapy- tried all...

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