Seeking testing in Baltimore Maryland

by Dawn Mohrbacher
(Baltimore Maryland/Anchorage Alaska)

I have a 2 year old who has had brief testing through Early Intervention. I'm told he has some (can you have some of something?) "SPD" but to what extent... and how to treat him, that I don't know.

We're at Kennedy Krieger Institute at Johns Hopkins (being treated for his eating disorder at the feeding clinic) and I'm wondering if you know of any doctors here that specialize in SPD so I can have further testing before we go home. I can't seem to find any on the KKI website.

I am concerned that some of the treatment is contrary to my son's condition. For instance, it's a tiny hospital (KKI) and he's supposed to play in a very tiny play room while I go through my training. He is horribly overwhelmed in the room (there can be up to ten children as well as ten adults in a 12x12 room at one time). They (the feeding program) think it's good for him...but he's getting more and more stressed as the days go by and I am given to understand that this is not the best thing to do to a child with SPD...

Can you help me out?

Dawn Mohrbacher

The SPD Help Line Answers

It sounds as though you certainly have the right to be concerned and pursue an OT that can properly diagnose your son and be more specific regarding your son's issues and design a better therapeutic program for him tailored to his individual sensory needs. It can be difficult to get thorough testing from EI... some are quite experienced in SI theory and treatment, some are not. This will get

better. But, for now...

I do not personally know the two therapists I have found for you (so I am not personally endorsing them), but I found them on a database search for SIPT certified OT's in Maryland at There were 4 pages of therapists, but these two appear to be at the place you are currently receiving care? If not, the link to the Maryland SIPT certified OT's is here: Maryland OT's For SPD (you can check for others in your area)

Here are the two names I found for you... hope this helps!!

Name: Joanne F. Flanagan, MS, OTR/L
Address: 2639 Boston Street Apt 110
Baltimore, MD 21224
Phone: (443) 923-9290
Fax: (443) 923-9295
Certificate #: 1149


Name: Jennifer E. Mosier
Address: 600 N Wolfe Street
Johns Hopkins Hosp Dept of Phys Med and Rehab
Towson, MD 21286 Baltimore, MD 21287
Phone: (410) 614-3234
Fax: (410) 614-2065
Email: None
Certificate #: 656

Let me know if you have any luck! I am concerned. I am so glad you asked though. I think you are right and I encourage you to continue to pursue more appropriate and targeted treatment with a more specific diagnosis!

Oh, and if you are from Alaska? I think you might be based on what you put for your state you are from on your submission? Here are some Alaska SIPT certified OT's. I don't know if any of them are near you, but thought I would let you know these as well. Just click on this link and you will find about 8 or so of them... Alaska OT's For SPD.

Take good care.
Michele Mitchell

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Jan 17, 2008
Thank you so much!
by: Dawn

They did find a specialist who could get us in for specific testing through Kennedy Krieger on Wednesday of next week. I've insisted that we keep all of his feeding "as is" until we get results from that testing.

From reading your website I have a feeling that we'll either need to be moved to a larger or private room (they don't have them) or we'll move to a hotel for the balance of our feeding program. As I told them today... I don't want a crazy child who eats... I want sanity and feeding if possible :o)

His symptoms have always been mild, and really didn't overly concern us until now. Last night he banged his head against the crib to fall asleep. He screams when anyone comes near him... and normally he's a very social little guy (until you throw him into a little room with lots of kids). He woke up screaming three times last night and wouldn't let me touch him for half an hour... I think he's being pushed beyond his limit.

We are from Alaska, and so I will check out that link as well and seek care the moment we move home. We have to take this more seriously than the early intervention folks were at this point, because it's so important to us that he have a good and comfortable life. We need to learn how to make that happen!

Honestly, I can't thank you enough for the help. We are not seeing the person you posted, but I found a name (Mary Lashno) on the net after a very long search who has written extensive texts on children with Autism and SPD. We don't have the Autism issue, but she has agreed to see us.

Michele Mitchell Responds... Great job!!! See, you found it on your own even! Woohoo. You sound like you have your priorities absolutely right. Thanks for seeking the information and being so strong for your little guy! He is so lucky to have you.

Keep on going... you're doing wonderful! Feel free to update us after the appointments etc. We love success stories!

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