Sensitive 11 yr old son

My son has always been extremely sensitive and cries very easily and clearly cannot control himself. He gets extremely upset when he doesn't get a perfect grade in school. He reads books all of the time rather than wanting to play with his brother. Is obsessed with coin collecting. Seems to be very lazy with hygiene. Over all appears to look depressed a lot of the time. He is hard on himself and gets anxious when being around people that he has to talk to. Never wants to show affection. Very book smart, he will remember things he read a long time ago. Just started saying recently that he doesn't like the "feel" of certain things he touches or that touch him. He acts very oddly and laughs at things that aren't funny

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May 27, 2012
honest opinion
by: mother of 11 boy old

he seems has problems perceiving or feeling the world around him and is developing tools to deal with it.

Because you do not have the same deficiency your reaction towards him is he is as an odd child.

I will say look for help with a good OT no even with a neurologist or psychiatrist nor his pediatrician only for the refers. Otherwise they will diagnose as OCT or who knows give the boy the opportunity to make sense of his surroundings before putting him on medication.

Feb 07, 2011
by: Steve Faherty

You need to take your son to his pediatrician.

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