Sensitive to others crying

by dolores
(crosby tx)

My grand daughter is 32 months old, she has fragile-x syndrome and has been in therapy for OT pt and speech for a year and a half. She is non-verbal. She is a picky eater, but the thing that we are having a big issue is when she hears someone cry, she will get so upset and go into a tantrum. There is no consoling her. Is anyone else struggling with this issue?

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Jun 09, 2009
Sensitive to others Crying
by: Anonymous

Hi, my son is seven years old, and was diagnosed with SPD, and 47xyy syndrome in November of 2008.
He has always struggled with this same problem. He has always been really sensitive to every emotion.

I first noticed it when he was six months old, and he heard someone on T.V. singing (the song was soft and quiet) and just started crying(for what I thought was no reason). I didn't make a connection until one day my sister was singing a children's song to him (still at six months old), and he reached up and put his hand over her mouth to stop her from singing. He would run away from the T.V. screaming and crying, and for the longest, I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Everyone would ask "what's wrong with him".

Even now, he still runs away from the television screaming and crying. I don't watch violent things on television, and I've never let him watch anything violent either. I can only assume that he is highly sensitive to sound, and emotion. Hope this helps.

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