Sensitive to smell

by Reese
(Brussel, Belgium)


A little boy I know (5 years old) is very sensitive to smell. This causes a lot of problems, especially during dinner while eating warm food. Is there a treatment for this problem?

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Mar 28, 2011
Adult perspective
by: Anonymous

Hello... I have many issues with smells. I can tell you that the smell of mixed vegetables makes me nauseous. That cauliflower will come back up if I smell it and try to eat it... I avoid it at all costs! Or perfumes make me dizzy and give me a headache and nauseous. It was NEVER just the smell for me.. it is HOW the smell makes me FEEL physically. Do you know this child may be having physical reactions to these smells? If that is the case... I think more than getting him used to the smell is in the solution.

A good comparison... think of any foul smelling odor, say a dirty gym bag.. force yourself to smell it for long periods... you really think you will get "used" to that smell?

I don't think so! I would think knowing that the smells he is sensitive to, find an alternative healthy food to replace it with. There is NOTHING that says because carrots (just an example) are good for you that you have to eat them. Find a replacement just as healthy that he has no aversion to.

Good luck. Hope that two cents helps.

Feb 28, 2011
by: Steve Faherty

Try making a game of identifying various smells many of which you can obtain at a health store, as essential oils to gradually introduce them, and the intensity, in the hope that eventually he will habituate to them. Search Aroma Therapy.

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