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My friend's child has a diagnosed speech and learning impairment and was tested for autism, which the child was not. However, he does have sensitivity to noise and if it gets too noisy, he becomes frustrated, covers his ears and yells that it's too noisy. Would this mean he has an auditory sensory processing disorder and what can the mother do about it?


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Aug 15, 2011
very possible
by: Anonymous

yes. it can mean there is a auditory processing issue. i would go through the 'checklist' on this website and see what you come up with. there are many different things that can be done/implemented/taught, to help with auditory processing. also, there's a great book, 'too loud, too bright, too fast, too tight'. it's about being sensory defensive and in an overstimulated world and what types of things can be done to help.

an occupational therapist can be a wealth of knowledge and resources as well. we have benefited greatly from working with one over the past 2 years. my son, is very sensitive to noises and we have learned some great ways to cope and help him learn to control and regulate his reactions to these issues with noise.

good luck.

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