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by Anon

Hi,Doe's anyone know where I can get one of these brushes from in the UK? I have tried Amazon but they won't deliver it to the uk. I've not got as far as seeing an OT yet but am fed up of waiting, and getting noware. So thought I would try this, As my son starts school in Sept and won't ware anything but a couple of pairs jeans and a couple of tops. (Not even Underpants)and he won't do his button up on his jeans either, so you can imagine i'm getting pretty desperate to help him!!

Anon- UK

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Feb 16, 2010
The Wilbarger Technique
by: Donna (UK)


I believe its called The Wilbarger Technique, and consists of long strokes up and down as you brush the extremities and back of your child with firm and deep pressure, followed by compression of the joint. I really think you should consult with the OT before commencing the brushing as you may do more harm than good if you are not shown the correct technique.

We were given some surgical scrub brushes from our OT. This plastic brush is not rough and will not scratch. It provides just the right amount of pressure and sensations to the skin, and you can buy these on-line.

It really works

Good luck

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