Sensory Checklist

by Russ
(Brixham, South Devon)

Wow! This has got to be worth following up. We've been going crackers trying to figure out that "Missing Something" for the last 5 years.The nursery and primary school couldn't put a handle on his sudden impulses to bite other children, his clothes,absently licking surfaces and constantly putting things in his mouth.Neither could the child pieditrician, despite tests for epilepsy etc. He has a very mature pallate, eating stuff half the average child won't touch, ie. Grilled Salmon, Curry, Lasagne,Crab sticks. You name it, it goes in, except eggs, unless done as an omellette or in rice.

Damon was born with a rare condition known as Partial Duplication of Chromosome 10, we knew he had some learning difficulties at eight has just started to learn to write.He had very poor muscle tone (atrophy) and didn't start walking till he was nearly 3.With perseverance he can now walk quite a distance, run and ride a bike.
This term he started a new school for children with learning difficulties. Which has less children in the classrooms.
Yet, he's already been in the headmasters office and given sanctions for biting and pinching.

I once had a thought and asked him, "You know how milk, cheese and coffee taste different? Does peoples skin taste different when you lick them?" His response was "YES"
"Do you like the taste of skin?" When he confirmed he did,I immediately dropped the subject, thinking 'I hope he doesn't become a Hannibal Lecter?'

He also has problems with sounds, sometimes he hears and at other times certain noises and frequencies are too loud, making him jump and clamp his hands over his ears.He constantly repeats and copies nearly everything I say or do. (Not with his mother)
Which is a distraction in itself.

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