Sensory Disorders

by Toni Ann
(Webster, NY US)

Do children outgrow sensory disorders and does this effect adulthood lifestyles?

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Nov 02, 2009
Family Tree?
by: Anonymous

It's funny, but after you read up on Sensory Processing Disorder, and even really understand your own childs "quirks" you also might notice certain "quirks" in family members! My mom relates the most to my daughter and can tell me times in her own childhood that she couldn't stand having her hairbrushed, was overly sensitive to temperature, ect. My mom has also, always tuned-out when stressed or in stressful situations. My daughter is also a tuner-outer! I don't know if my mom has auditory issues like my daughter, but I can tell you she gets short tempered really quick in noisy malls and parties!

My husband also identifies with my daughter alot especially as she's gotten older. I think we all have sensitivities that as adults we've learned how to manage with the luxury of being able to avoid uncomfortable situations. Our poor kids don't have much choice in the matter. My daughter is almost 13 and her symptoms are only a fraction of what they were when she was younger. She has definitely learned how to manage her SPD but also, we've noticed that over the years she's just not as sensitive to her old triggers.

Nov 01, 2009
Don't think so?
by: Ursula Gates

I was always told my daughter would out grow it, but she hasn't and at times it is worse. Her sensory disorders are inconsistent right now. Alot of times it is when she gets nervous is when she acts out. I think this is something she will have all her life. The key is to teach her how to deal with whatever is bothering her. I think it will make things better, but if she just let things go without therapy it could lead to a very difficult life.

I think my mother has some sensory disorders and she never accepted it or did not deal with it. She has good days and bad days. My daughter is like that too. I hope when she is older she will be able to calm herself and get through life's journeys.

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