Sensory Integration Disorder

My grandson has some of the characteristics for this. I heard that "grapes" can be a contributing factor for this. He eats lots of grapes and drinks grape juice. Could you tell me if you ever heard that taking him off grapes can be helpful?

Thank you

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Mar 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

You sound like a loving grandparent who might be a little afraid of what you're learning about SPD. There are many great books I encourage you to check-out. You'll find that there is in most cases lots to be gained from a good diet this is truly related to the brains 2 lobes not communicating well with each other and some mixed messages are being sent. The kids are just as bewildered as to why they can't get the results they want.

My daughter was always breaking her toys on accident she couldn't figure out the right pressure to touch things with. I noticed something was amiss when she was 2wks. old. She's my second child so I was pretty relaxed with a newborn and one day she started screaming as if she's been stung by a bee. I undressed her and searched for the problem, when I realized the wind had blown the blinds and they gently clapped together. The noise sent her into hysterics.

Later after many instances and much digging we realized she was Auditory Defensive. But I can tell you she was born like this it is just how she's wired. She's 12 now and has been through OT which was a significant help but actually most of her symptoms as she matures are becoming less of an issue. She's a very happy intelligent child. It's painful at times because she has to work harder than most and hard on us her parents WE have to work harder than most! But everyones journey is unique and these kids challenge you to have a very open mind!

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