sensory intergration and the teenager

What is available out there for our teens with this disorder? I have notice my son(who is 16) using behaviors that haven't been common for over 10 years. The things we had in place for him as a preschooler don't seem appropriate for today. Any ideas?

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Jul 03, 2010
by: Nancy Peske

Thanks, Dan. It was really important to me that we address teens in Raising a Sensory Smart Child, given that I personally couldn't find anything on the topic! So we interviewed several professionals (mostly OTs) who work with teens and some teens and young adults with full-fledged SPD. Probably the key things I took away from that research (aside from the great tips and insights they offered) was that 1) teens don't like to be different from their peers so you have to work with them on that, and 2) teenagers want to be in charge of dealing with their sensory issues--so yes, they may need brushing, but they will want to do it themselves, according to their schedule and their body's needs. For instance, one OT told us she suggests to teens that they do the brushing themselves in a bathroom stall at school so they have privacy.


Jul 02, 2010
Lots of things
by: Dan Travis

There's a lot that can be done for teenagers with SPD, as I myself am a former teen SPDer. A lot of the sensory stuff that works for little kids also works for older kids and adults, but only in principle. For instance, the brushing protocol, listening therapy... that stuff is all just as good for him now as it would have been for him earlier. If he was a seeker who needed a lot of pressure and spinning input before, he may be needing it again (it just may come in a different form). Setbacks are common in recovery from SPD, especially at critical life changes (as there are many of these very changes in the teenage years.

"Raising a Sensory Smart Child" has a chapter dedicated in it to teenagers with SPD, so you might want to look into that.

I also want to let you know that there is now an online social site for people with SPD, that is welcoming teenagers to join, as well. Feel free to check that out at

Hope that helps. Best wishes,
-Dan Travis, SPD Parent SHARE Host

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