Sensory issues and toilet training

by Lisa

Is there any therapy or technique out there to help a 4 year old with SPD who is unable to sense when he needs to poop?

My son has been on Miralax for 6 months, but is simply unable to feel when it is time for poop to come out. How can I help him? I am willing to turn to alternative medicine, or whatever strategy might offer some hope.

Many thanks

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by: marisa

Our 9 year old has been on Miralax for a few years. I finally bowel trained him at the age of 8. He is also HFA.

We had him try bio-feedback. We found out because of his weak stomach muscles and hypotonia, he was unable to know how to push. We learned he wasn't relaxing his sphincter muscles and was actually squeezing when he was trying to go.

The muscles get so stretched out from constipation and they can't feel. I would highly suggest this and having him blow a balloon while on the toilet too to help with working those muscles.

good luck!

Digestive enzymes
by: Anonymous

I have been researching products related to these issues for quite sometime. My 4 year old daughter suffers from SPD and bowel movements were a big issue for us. I am learning more and more about a connection between the digestive system and a lot of ailments, including a connection to SPD and Autism. I have found some products that I believe in.

Isotonix Digestive Enzyme Supplement w/Probiotics

I think the digestive enzymes can be of help to you.

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