Sensory on a budget

by Maria Gonzalez

Ok, I own it. I'm on a budget so I go Sensory Ghetto room for my son. To throw in some more to the mix he loves his super heroes and cats. So, here we go!

Ever Since he was around 18 months old,I figured something was wrong. He would get upset over the slightest thing. I blamed me, my ex, my ex, my ex, oh and my ex due to the divorce we were going thru. He is now 8 years old. Somehow, unconsciously, maybe because in some way I may have the same undiagnosed Sensory issues and it may be a hereditary thing, I decided we needed to redo our whole house. fresh paint any way we want!

So, both kids rooms got their ceilings painted light blue with puffy white floating clouds and with glow-in-the-dark paint (doesn't show during day),I dotted stars and a note over their bed that 'mommy loves you' so they can see it at night.His walls were painted a slightly darker blue, while my daughter's taste was a pumpkin orange and hot pink(yikes!).He loved that room.

When we moved in with my new husband and their stepdad he was 5 years old. I tried to recreate his room, but I wasn't allowed to paint. I added sticky stars, a heavy curtain was staple gunned to the wall sealing the light out. We have a white noise machine. His pop up TARDIS tent for his Doctor Who adventures. A bean bag chair from walmart in a card board box from O'reilly Auto's monthly 2-way oil sale duct taped around it with a whole cut out to look like a dryer and a comforter in it so he can crawl in and feel snuggled like a cat in its den.

At bed time, he has his huge fuzzy pillow he lays on top and I wrap the comforter around him tightly like a burrito and tuck in under his feet and all except his head and kiss him good night. Pretending I'm nibbling my little burrito goodnight. $350 is too expensive for a weighted blanket, finding him a $20 huge super fuzzy pillow to satisfy his craving for touching and swaddling him super tight every night like a burrito is much more budget friendly for my little Mexican wallet.

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May 26, 2015
by: Ashe

I envy your kids. :D
And that kind of creativity is very healthy, methinks. It's good to think outside the box. And it's fun to build it too!

My room as a kid was in the basement, a dark blue, with dark blue curtains for the color scheme and to block out light, and glow-in-the-dark stars all over the walls and ceiling. It was awesome.

My weighted blankets aren't those expensive ones either. My grandmother had crocheted a blanket for me as a teen and my mother made quite the over-sized baby blanket, both long before any notion of SPD ever came up. I fold them both in half and put them on my side of the bed. Probably $75-$100 in yarn put together.

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